Hinterland 3. 2013



Hinterland 3  is based on my observation of the first in a series of twenty four etchings from Flight from Egypt (1753)  by Domenico Tiepolo. Using a large sheet of semi-transparent paper I focussed on the detail in the first etched image. A second sheet was used to study the marks made in the second etched image from the Flight from Egypt series.


These two sheets of studies are presented  horizontally, one on another, with a 15 cm glass lens placed over the top sheet of paper.  The weight of the magnifying lens presses the two drawings together so that the drawn marks are most clearly seen at this point. The viewer is encouraged come close and use the lens to view the marks of both study sheets beneath, so repeating my own observation activity.


Contemporary cognitive neuroscience suggests we see only small areas of focus at any one time so that memory is central to making sense of what is seen. This idea of partial vision led to the investigation of this series of etchings by Domenico Tiepolo. Presented together in the format of a book with only one etched image per open page, memory is fundamental to making sense of the series as a whole as the pages are turned.